THE FLAT HEAD Flat Head 3 needles, one off T-shirt FN-THC-044


The "THC" series is built with a strong neck and durable body.
This T-shirt is highly durable, with a neck that is less likely to stretch and a tightly woven fabric, sewn with 20-count thread and one off three needles. The more you wear it, the more it will become comfortable and develop a unique texture.

*Size 46 (XXXL) is only available in black and ivory

・COTTON100% (tightly woven round body)
Neck: 3 needles, 1 removed (20-count cotton thread)
Printing techniques: Dye-in print (ivory, light red), discharge print (black, navy)
・Color: Black/Ivory/Light Red/Navy
Size: 38 (M) / 40 (L) / 42 (XL) / 44 (XXL) / 46 (XXXL)

The second installment of LOUIS DESIGN AND THE BENJAMIN's original artwork

This is the second in a series of original designs by LOUIS DESIGN AND THE BENJAMIN, a designer who creates old American style hand-painted signs and antiques.
The FLAT HEAD logo, created with a font design that exudes a retro American feel, gives off the impression of being displayed as a vintage signboard.

The design, which allows you to enjoy the retro American world, can be coordinated with a wide range of styles, from biker to work.

Special stitching that prevents the neck from stretching: "3 needles, 1 removed"

The neck sewing technique is one of the biggest features of Flat Head T-shirts.
Inspired by the sewing of actual vintage T-shirts, the unique and improved "3-needle, 1-off® sewing" uses thick 20-count cotton thread around the neck, which is prone to stretching.
Furthermore, by sewing the T-shirt with a total of three stitches - two on the rib and one on the body, we have taken advantage of our sewing technique and the properties of cotton to create a T-shirt that is less likely to stretch around the neck.
Even with years of wear, the neckline will not stretch easily, allowing you to enjoy your favorite design for a long time.

A rare circular knitting machine still in existence in Japan

The fabric is knitted using what are called circular knitting machines from the 1960s.
The knitting machines of that time were capable of producing consistent quality, but they have become rare, and there are only a few craftsmen left who are able to maintain them.
The THC series is made of a thick yarn of 14 count. To knit with this thick yarn, strong needles are required, so we use special needles imported from Germany to create a strong body.

"Soak & discharge" printing that blends in with the fabric

The prints use a dye penetration print (ivory and light red), which allows the dye to blend well with the fabric, and a discharge print (black and navy).
The printing technique, which improves the texture of the fabric as it is worn, is a perfect match for the THC series, which can be worn for many years, allowing you to enjoy the changes that occur over time.