THE FLAT HEAD Flat Head Polo Shirt FN-TSP-001


[A casual yet elegant polo shirt]
This polo shirt uses the same body as the THC series, which is Flathead's signature item. It has a sporty side, but the collar allows you to enjoy a more elegant look. You can also leave the buttons open to create a more casual look.

The simple design with a single print on the chest allows for a wide range of combinations, from elegant coordination with slacks to casual coordination with shorts and ripped jeans.

・COTTON100% (tightly woven round body)
Printing techniques: Dye-in print (white), discharge print (black, navy)
・Urea cat eye button
・Color: White / Black / Navy
Size: 38 (M) / 40 (L) / 42 (XL) / 44 (XXL) / 46 (XXXL)