SUGAR CANE Fiction Romance 4.5oz. Indigo "Casino Stripe" Work Shirt with Chin Strap SC28651


This shirt is a reproduction of the calico print fabric of the "Casino Stripe" that existed in the first half of the 20th century. The ♠♦♥♣ mark is discharged onto the 4.5 oz thin indigo fabric, creating a lightweight work shirt. It features a chin strap around the neck, an asymmetrical design commonly known as "gacha pocket," high-quality dome-shaped shell buttons, double-layered sleeves, and gathered cuffs. A short-sleeved model using the same fabric is also available.

The timeless charm of vintage clothing, such as practical details and sewing specifications that pursue functionality, is apparent in these works. By unraveling historical facts and documents from that time, lost details are revived, and Sugar Cane uniquely combines them to create fictional stories (romance).