SUGAR CANE Restock on May 30, 2024 / Lot No. SC40065 / 14.25oz. DENIM UNION STAR JEANS


In the 1960s, Sugar Cane produced jeans with star-stitching on order from the US military PX (post exchange) stationed in Japan. The "Star Jeans" have been revived in modern times based on this pair of jeans, which can be said to be the roots of the brand. The silhouette is a regular straight, similar to the 1947 model (Lot No. SC41947).


By carefully recreating vintage denim through every step of the process, from spinning, dyeing, weaving, to sewing, we have created a masterpiece that has been loved by many people for many years and continues to be produced as a staple. This is the true "STANDARD".