SUGAR CANE 8.5oz Indigo Wabash Stripe Short Sleeve Work Shirt FICTION ROMANCE SC36267 [New for Spring/Summer 2024]



The label on the collar is a hand-stamped label. A "CALICO" paper tag is attached at the time of delivery. The bottom of the back yoke has an irregular facing, which is often seen on printed dress shirts. The buttons on the front are white mother-of-pearl cat's eye buttons. A union ticket is sewn to the underside of the hem of the left placket. Selvedge reinforcement fabric is used for the side slits. The end of the rolled seam is finished with an empty loop.


The timeless charm of vintage clothing, such as practical details and sewing specifications that pursue functionality, is apparent in these works. By unraveling historical facts and documents from that time, lost details are revived, and Sugar Cane uniquely combines them to create fictional stories (romance).