SUGAR CANE Hawaiian indigo sugar cane right twill denim SC40401

¥23,826 ¥25,080you save ¥1,254

"Lot.401" is a sugar cane denim made with Hawaiian indigo, which is a counterpoint to the Ryukyu indigo model. The silhouette is a regular straight cut similar to the 1947 model (Lot No. SC41947). The fabric has a strong blue hue and is characterized by its uneven texture. The label is a hair-on-hide branded with a turtle, which is considered a messenger of the gods in Hawaii, and the back pocket has hand-embroidered sashiko stitches.


"Sugarcane denim" is an original denim made using the brand's name, SUGAR CANE. The fiber that remains after refining sugar, called "bagasse," is mixed with cotton and woven into the fabric. This denim, made from recycled sugarcane, has antibacterial, anti-odor, and anti-static properties due to the amino acid effect contained in sugarcane.