SUGAR CANE Cork Stripe Work Shirt, Embroidered, Short Sleeve, SC39305, Navy


This is a reproduction of the "cork stripe" work shirt that was used as a uniform by a major American beverage manufacturer in the 1950s and 1960s. It features a tough fabric that can withstand the transportation of heavy bottles, and was woven on an old-fashioned power loom using herringbone twill fabric that was analyzed from deadstock (vintage items discovered in brand new condition) owned by Sugar Cane.

The clean design without a collar stand or a placket goes well with the striped pattern. The top of the flap of the left chest pocket is equipped with a pen slot, and there is another pen pocket inside the pocket. The back yoke and cuffs are gathered instead of tucked. The side slits are made of a strong fabric with selvedge.

The embroidery thread is also made of shiny rayon, just like the vintage version. The left chest and back feature voluminous and luxurious chain embroidery. Solid models, long sleeve models, and work pants are also available in the same cork stripe fabric.