SUGAR CANE Wabash Stripe Shorts 9oz FICTION ROMANCE Shorts SC51443


These shorts are made from 9oz Wabash striped fabric and feature luxurious details such as curved pockets and stitching at the pocket openings, reminiscent of work pants from the early 20th century.

The front has a zipper instead of a button fly. Although the vintage jacket on which the piece is based does not actually have a zip front, the HOOKLESS zipper used on it was chosen to ensure the accuracy of historical research, as it was used on vintage jackets from the same era.

The edges of the pocket openings are reinforced with rivets. The suspender buttons are sewn on, not hammered in, so that they can be removed when not in use. The hip pockets are cut with a horizontal weave, a style seen before the 1930s. The tool pocket on the right side was used as a candle holder at the time.


The timeless charm of vintage clothing, such as practical details and sewing specifications that pursue functionality, is apparent in these works. By unraveling historical facts and documents from that time, lost details are revived, and Sugar Cane uniquely combines them to create fictional stories (romance).