STUDIO D'ARTISAN D'artisan D1888 Men's Cotton-Filled Jeans, Made in Japan, Tapered Fit, Spring/Summer 2024

¥26,961 ¥28,380you save ¥1,419

The yarn spinning process produces a large amount of textile waste.
This fiber waste is called "cotton waste."
Collect that "cotton waste" and take the parts that would normally be thrown away.
Woven from respun and revived yarn
We will be offering a series made from 13.0 oz sustainable denim.
Because "cotton waste" contains a lot of short fibers,
This gives the yarn a natural unevenness.
These jeans will give off a vintage feel as they age.

The silhouette has a tapered fit.
When combined with voluminous boots,
It has a well-balanced silhouette.