STUDIO D'ARTISAN 45th Ishikawadai Denim Jacket [SP-089]


"Ishikawadai" was manufactured by Ishikawa Seisakusho Co., Ltd. in 1953.
This is the oldest Japanese-made ring spinning machine still in operation.
There are no records from the manufacturer
Among the spinning machines currently operating in Japan,
It is thought to be the oldest.
The speed is about 1/3 of the latest ring spinning machines.
Since it can only spin at a slow speed, productivity is low.
However, because it puts less strain on the cotton, it allows us to take advantage of the natural soft texture of cotton.
It has a unique natural look that cannot be reproduced by computer.
It creates an uneven texture that resembles hand-spun yarn.
The indigo dyeing of the warp threads preserves the unique texture of this cotton.
By omitting the usual thread refining process, the denim is made to look like vintage denim from that time.
A special effort has been made to create unevenness in the indigo dyeing.
In order to recreate the denim of 1953, all processes are intentionally carried out using low-tech methods.

Products made from "Ishikawadai Denim" using yarn spun in Ishikawadai are:
By wearing them, they will change over time,
It will be given new life as the next generation of vintage wear.

Fabric thickness: 13oz
Silhouette: 2nd type
*Special tote bag included.

*As we also sell in stores, items may be sold out.
Thank you for your understanding.