STUDIO D'ARTISAN Awa Shoai Hand-dyed Baker Pants [1886]


Made from fabric that replicates the herringbone pants worn by the US Navy in the 1940s.
Regular straight silhouette baker pants
Each piece is hand-dyed using the world-renowned Awa Sho indigo dyeing method, a traditional Japanese technique.
The simple details never get boring,
It goes great with any item.

Products hand-dyed with "Awa Shoai Dye"
Unique coloring that cannot be reproduced with chemical dyes.
The unevenness of the fabric, and the changes over time that are unique to hand-dyed fabric, are its greatest appeal.
A blue color created using a special Awa Shoai dyeing method.
The fusion of traditional techniques and the skilled handiwork of artisans
It highlights the beauty and texture of the fabric.
Please enjoy the profound charm of "Japanese blue" to your heart's content.

*Delivered in a special UV pack.

※As this product is also sold in stores,
Items may be sold out.
Thank you for your understanding.