STUDIO D'ARTISAN D'artisan Indigo dyed denim jacket D4579

¥43,681 ¥45,980you save ¥2,299

Made with yarn dyed with "indigo dye"
15.0oz selvedge denim
This is a 2nd type jacket.

Indigo dyeing is a method of dyeing fabric using indigo dyeing.
Then it is dyed with persimmon tannins.
This is an advanced dyeing technique that requires a lot of effort.

Indigo dyeing has a deeper color than regular indigo dyeing.
The more you use it, the stronger the color of the persimmon tannins will become.
This is due to the property of tannin, the main pigment component of persimmon tannin, which undergoes condensation polymerization over time.
Persimmon tannin is also used as a traditional Chinese medicine and is said to have high antibacterial and deodorizing effects.

Since ancient times, Japanese people have been aware of the change of seasons,
I have always admired the fleeting brilliance of nature.
Born from that rich emotion,
The colors created using the traditional indigo dyeing method are "Japanese colors" with a deep, attractive flavor that draws the hearts of all who see them.