STUDIO D'ARTISAN Classic Denim Pocket Short Sleeve T-Shirt USA Cotton Print T-Shirt 8135A


It features a firm and resilient texture.
It is well known for its good color and durability.
This T-shirt is made of 100% cotton using American cotton, a staple of D'Artisan.
The design is the same as the iconic back pocket of D'Artisan jeans.
A pocket is attached to the front chest.
The back features the same pattern used in classic jeans.
The same design is printed as the leather patch.
This piece has a strong presence even with a simple outfit.

[T-shirt size changed]
Starting from the Spring/Summer 2024 season, we will be reviewing T-shirt sizes.
The width is more generous than ever before.
Sizing has been changed.
Please be sure to check the size chart when ordering.
Thank you for your cooperation.