STUDIO D'ARTISAN D'artisan loop-knit printed T-shirt [8146A]


Currently, it is only operating in Wakayama Prefecture in Japan.
The same as that used before the 1960s
This unique texture can only be achieved with fabrics produced using a “hanging knitting machine”.
It takes roughly one hour to weave 1 meter of fabric.
It is created by knitting at a very slow speed.
The fabric has a thickness that feels like it's been woven with air, and a moderate unevenness.
This T-shirt evokes the texture of that time.
The stitching is designed to reduce bulk and provide a comfortable fit.
It is a 4-needle flat seam sewing machine made by the famous Union Special sewing machine.
D'Artisan's attention to detail, including printing by discharge dyeing
This is one piece you can experience for yourself.

[T-shirt size changed]
Starting from the Spring/Summer 2024 season, we will be reviewing T-shirt sizes.
The width is more generous than ever before.
Sizing has been changed.
Please be sure to check the size chart when ordering.

In addition, due to this size change, the loop-knit T-shirt
S to L sizes have no seams on the front or back (round body),
The XL/2XL sizes have a seam at the front and back (opening).
We appreciate your understanding in advance.

※As this product is also sold in stores,
Items may be sold out.
Thank you for your understanding.