STUDIO D'ARTISAN D'artisan Hanging Knit Pack T-Shirt [9913]


The only "loop-loop knitting machine" in operation in the world is in Wakayama Prefecture.
An old-fashioned knitting machine that knits fabric into a cylindrical shape.
Although the production efficiency is poor, at about 1 meter per hour,
It has a unique texture and thickness that cannot be achieved with modern high-speed sinkers.
It has an overwhelming toughness that transcends time.
It also makes a great gift when placed in a zip bag.

[T-shirt size changed]
Starting from the Spring/Summer 2024 season, we will be reviewing T-shirt sizes.
The width is more generous than ever before.
Sizing has been changed.
Please be sure to check the size chart when ordering.

In addition, due to this size change, the loop-knit T-shirt
S to L sizes have no seams on the front or back (round body),
The XL/2XL sizes have a seam at the front and back (opening).
We appreciate your understanding in advance.

*As we also sell in stores, items may be sold out.
Thank you for your understanding.