STUDIO D'ARTISAN Kyoto Black Montsuki Dyed Sashiko Jeans 1877


The history of Kyokuro Montsuki dyeing dates back to the Heian period.
At that time, the fabric was dyed with ink.
It started as a ceremonial robe worn by monks and samurai in the old days,
In the Edo period, in order to express a deep black color,
When dyeing with ink, the fabric is under-dyed with red or indigo.
Techniques known as "benishita" and "aishita" were adopted.

Black dyeing produces a deep color,
Based on the unique intuition born from the skills and years of experience of dyeing craftsmen
By subtly changing the temperature of the dye,
The fabric is moved up and down dozens of times and the dyeing process is repeated.

The black color pursued by Kyokuro Montsuki
It's not just the actual black color
It is the color of the spiritual power that governs the feelings of the Japanese people.
Born from an insatiable pursuit of black
Enjoy the ultimate black of Kyoto crested black dye.

These sashiko jeans are a reproduction of the "Aishita" technique used in Kyoto black crest dyeing.
The deep, powerful black color is created by repeatedly layering black on indigo.
This is the ultimate black that can only be expressed with Kyo Kuro Montsuki Dyeing.
The base fabric is 14.0oz original selvedge sashiko.
It is characterized by the thick, uneven texture that is unique to Sashiko.

Silhouette: Slim straight