STUDIO D'ARTISAN 15oz Natural Indigo Regular Straight SDD01

¥39,501 ¥41,580you save ¥2,079

STUDIO D'ARTISAN's first model is the world's first vintage selvedge jeans, "DO1". The fabric of the "DO1" that was newly created for this project was reproduced by studying the original fabric and recreating the number of twists and unevenness of the No. 6 thread, which was spun by the spinner. The dyeing process was done with Tokushima Tadeshoai "kase dyeing", and the process of "dyeing, drying, dyeing, drying" was repeated 20 times, with no time or effort spared, to dye it dark blue. The stylish thickness inherited from French work is maintained in this new "DO1".

・Original Tokushima Tademasa indigo dyed 15oz fabric ・Regular straight silhouette