STUDIO D'ARTISAN 15oz Relaxed Tapered Jeans SD108

¥24,871 ¥26,180you save ¥1,309

These relaxed tapered jeans are based on D'Artisan's popular SD-107 product, but with a modern silhouette. All the specifications based on vintage jeans are retained, and 15 oz. raw denim is carefully woven on an old-fashioned power loom so that they can be worn all year round. Compared to the SD-107, the rise is 2.5 cm deeper, the width is +1.5 cm, and the hem width is -1.0 cm, with an emphasis on ease of wear. Despite the slim silhouette, the rise is deep, making them easy to wear, and the thighs do not feel cramped, making D'Artisan propose "jeans you'll want to wear every day" that can be worn in any situation.