SUN SURF Lot No. SS39327 / SUN SURF × Katsushika Hokusai SPECIAL EDITION "Cherry Blossoms and a Hawk"


Title of work: Cherry blossoms and a hawk
Artist: Katsushika Hokusai / Large-format nishiki-e / Around 1834 (Tempo 5)
Material: Rayon Fujiette
Print: Overprint (indigo pigment)
Buttons: White mother-of-pearl buttons

After he turned 50, Hokusai produced many works with birds as a theme, but most of them depicted birds of prey rather than the gorgeous birds favored by other artists. This work depicts the dignified figure of a hawk used in falconry, with cherry blossoms in full bloom behind it. The hawk is tied to a perch with braided cord, and its feathers and legs are detailed. This work is a vertically long work known as a chodaiban, but Hokusai is known to have produced several other chodaiban flower and bird paintings, including auspicious images such as "Turtle," "Carp Climbing a Waterfall," "Crane on a Snow-capped Pine Tree," and "Pasture Horse."

This aloha shirt is unique in that it is printed using indigo pigment, inheriting Hokusai's original style of using indigo pigment in his works.

Japanese Design National Treasure of Japan

Focusing on the artists of the Edo period, when Japanese culture and arts were expanding, the series recreates the works of these masters on the canvas of an aloha shirt, reviving the passion for Japan's world-renowned design in the present day. This series, which began as a collaboration with the works of Katsushika Hokusai, will now reach its next stage with the addition of new artists.

This product will be delivered in a special edition box.

Depending on the cutting position of the fabric, the pattern placement may differ from the photo. Depending on the characteristics of the material and the finishing method, there may be slight individual differences in the dimensions of each part. Also, depending on the settings and environment of your device, the color of the product may differ slightly from the actual color. Please note.