STUDIO D'ARTISAN D'artisan Disordered Ikat Jeans D1878

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Indigo-dyed kasuri kimonos became popular as everyday wear for ordinary Japanese people. Kasuri patterns, woven in navy blue and white, are familiar to Japanese people and are a traditional Japanese fabric with a simple texture. Kasuri is said to have originated in India, but it is also said to have been introduced to Japan via the Ryukyu Islands during the Edo period. It came to be called kasuri because the patterns look faded (smudged). There are so many different types of kasuri in Japan, each in its own region, that it is unparalleled in the world.

This time, D'Artisan has created an original "Mure Kasuri" fabric based on the theme of Kasuri, a pattern familiar to Japanese people. This fabric expresses a chaotic Kasuri pattern by weaving uneven slub yarns vertically and horizontally. The result is a fabric with a warm and rustic texture that combines Japanese kimono culture with Western workwear.

These jeans are made from 14.0oz "Messy Kasuri Denim". This original denim has uneven slub yarns woven vertically and horizontally to create a chaotic ikat pattern. The beige topping adds depth to the indigo and blends in the raw slub yarns. The silhouette is relaxed tapered.

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