BUZZ RICKSON'S Buzz Rickson's War Denim Jacket BR16041

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This denim blouse was created under the control of the government to alleviate the shortage of materials during World War II. It omitted the pocket flaps that were on previous models and changed the number of front buttons from five to four.

The "FOR THE DURATION" written on the flasher means "for the duration of the war," and indicates that the specifications were changed due to material controls until the end of the war. In the 1940s, the U.S. government awarded the E pennant, which stands for "Excellent," to companies that produced excellent military supplies. During the war, Buzz Rickson's served as a contractor for flight jackets and won the E pennant, making this flasher a reality.
Details of Dedale

Vegetable-tanned deerskin label. Iron arabesque doughnut buttons. The pleat stitching on the left body starts and ends at the top, while on the right body the stitching starts and ends at the bottom. Pocket stitching with a handmade feel. Selvedge is visible on the back of the facing. Pleats that give mobility. Stitching and rivet positioning with a handmade feel. Cuffs with vertical grain. The look changes when used horizontally. Original 13.6oz. denim with a rough texture.