STUDIO D'ARTISAN Awa Masaai hand-dyed check shirt 5700

¥40,546 ¥42,680you save ¥2,134

This Awa Shoai hand-dyed check shirt is hand-dyed one by one using the world-famous traditional Awa Shoai dyeing method . As it is hand-dyed by artisans, it is a rare item with limited production. It has a unique color that cannot be achieved with chemical dyes, and the unevenness and aging that can only be achieved by hand dyeing. Please enjoy the "Japanese blue". It uses thick fabric woven with densely woven 8-count cotton thread. It uses nut buttons. It will be delivered in a special UV pack.

*Due to the nature of the product being hand-dyed, there may be color unevenness.

*As we also sell in stores, items may be sold out.
Thank you for your understanding.