STUDIO D'ARTISAN Kiryu Stadium Jacket 4580S


This varsity jacket is made in Kiryu, Gunma, a city known for its world-class sewing techniques. The body is made of 900g/m double-woven Melton wool, and the sleeve leather is made of 1.5mm thick horsehide leather. The lining is made of satin and quilted to prevent snagging, so it has excellent heat retention. Kiryu, Gunma, is known as the mecca of embroidery, and many of the best craftsmen are active in the city. The embroidery, which is done using Sagara embroidery, an ancient Japanese technique with a long history, has a three-dimensional feel and a luxurious finish. This varsity jacket is made with the ``best materials'' and ``best techniques,'' and the original appeal of the product stands out.